Utility Arboriculture 

Employing fully trained and qualified utility arborists, Marvan’s can provide the very best in tree and vegetation management and clearance for utilities. The rapid growth of trees and vegetation is a common sight within the UK climate and such growth can cause serious problems to rail networks, electricity supplies, phone masts, and a whole variety of utility services. 

For instance, across the London and Eastern region we are enjoying continued growth in tourism, business, and population growth and therefore it is vital that our rail networks operate smoothly and without disruption from out of control trees and vegetation. Here at Marvan’s we can deliver a professional service with the minimum disruption and the right results. 

"Health and Safety is paramount and we here at Marvan's only employ qualified, trained staff for the Projects we work on"

It is of vital importance that work of this nature is carried out by qualified arborists who have the skills, experience, and expertise to carry out the work safely and competently; speak to us today for a friendly and no obligation discussion on the various ways we can be that very company, and how we can help in delivering the service you need.

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