We understand the pressures people face today. From work commitments to juggling family, whilst still seeking time to enjoy those precious moments in your home and garden. But when your outside area is not the tranquil and relaxing space you want it to be, it can be hard to find the time energy or imagination to create the garden that you desire.

"Here at Marvan’s we can help turn your garden and outdoor space into a beautiful area for you to enjoy and entertain in"

We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers, ensuring we listen closely to what they desire, providing the right service for you at a very competitive price. Customer satisfaction, professionalism and the highest quality of work is what we pride ourselves on, and we promise to deliver great results for you. We are the masters of many different services, with our staff being experts in each of their given fields, capable and fully equipped to transform your garden space into a wonderful haven that will bring enjoyment throughout the year. From new landscaping to patios, tree felling and shaping, fencing to decking, lawns to retaining walls trust Marvan's. We create a safe environment for the children to play in, giving you as a parent, grandparent or guardian, peace of mind. Not only that, but we can help transform your garden into a manageable space as well, giving you more of that precious time you hanker for, or simply help give you the confidence to manage the garden and enjoy it again yourself. No matter the size, Marvan's can assist you with your next garden project.


No garden is complete without that all important patio area - No matter the size of your outside space, we here at Marvan's can design and install the perfect external entertaining or relaxing space for you and your family to enjoy all year round. 

Whether you want a party pad or intimate spaces, we can create the ideal space just for you... Our expert team of professionals will guide you through the process, guaranteeing that you are absolutely satisfied with the final results.

We can source numerous textures and colours for your outdoor space vision and will ensure that we listen to your requirements every step of the way. Our experts will assist you with not only the slabs themselves, but suitable additional including pergolas, water features, lighting and soft landscaping. 

We are only happy when the customer is happy! 


At Marvan’s we are proud of the skill and expertise we bring to every job. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves as to the quality of the job we perform. Our decking service is no exception to this and we are looking forward to working with you in creating a beautiful decking area for your garden or outside space.
For longevity of life and a trouble free experience, your decking needs careful planning and design, along with high quality materials, and the very best in workmanship; Marvan’s are here to offer this service to you. We provide hardwood, softwood, and slip resistant decking. And all of our garden decks are built to last, constructed to specification, only using high quality pressure treated timber.
Whether you choose decking on its own, or to compliment a paved or turfed area, your garden deck can be built to any shape or size, raised, flat, or curved, single or multi-levels; the choice is yours. Contact us today to see how we can help design and create your own garden decking reality.

Planning & Design

Need inspiration for your perfect outside space? Please give us a call to book your appointment with Danny, who will talk you though all the options available for your garden or grounds! 

For every outside space, Danny believes there is the perfect design solution, so why not allow his to assist you today?

Block Paving

We specialise in installing quality Block Paving. Whether you are paving your entire driveway, or just a small section, patio or pathway, it can improve the overall appeal of your property, as well as being very practical and incredibly hard wearing. Our range of block paving designs for driveways, patios or paths offer a large  variety of textures, colours and designs which will transform your home.

Finishing Touches

We pride ourselves on the finished results that you deserve as valued customers. Which is why here at Marvan's we can assist you with those finishing touches in association with some exceptional, professional partners. Our services include:

  • Lighting Solutions
  • External Electrics 
  • Hot Tub Installations
  • Soft Landscaping 
  • Pergolas and Gazebos 


A new fence, or repairs to your existing fence can transform and dramatically improve the aesthetics of your garden or outside space. 

At Marvan’s we have the skill and experience you need in order to fulfil your fencing requirements. We will give you all the advice you need, including the right material and options suitable for your property's outside space. 

We can source the best materials suitable for your project and needs, always for a competitive price. 

Garden fencing can offer greater privacy, security, and aesthetics, adding further quality to your property, and greater peace of mind to you.


Whether it is the arrival of a new shed that needs a hard standing area laid, the installation of a wheel chair ramp or even a hot tub base, our expertise and experience means you can trust Marvan’s to enable your project to become a hard-standing reality. 

Laying concrete can be a daunting task for many people, but here at Marvan’s we have all the staff, skills and experience needed to ensure our customers need not worry about anything. 

Get in touch to see how we can help you today.

Seeding & Grass

Laying grass seed can be a much more cost effective way than turfing for smaller areas. It is perfect for small repair work around the garden, light to use and easy to handle. 

At Marvan’s we can advise you on the best course of action for your garden, and the best way to repair and breathe fresh life into your garden's grassy spaces. 

The seeding of wild flowers can also provide stunning natural beauty to your garden and at Marvan’s we are here to support and help you in bringing the best out in your garden, protecting, managing, and maintaining your space after the seed has been laid. 

Ask us for more information on how we can assist you.

Aggregate and Membrane

Having a low maintenance garden or outdoor space is becoming increasingly important and popular for many people who find themselves ever busier and stretched for time. Here at Marvan’s we are here to take the stress out of gardening and can provide the highest quality low maintenance areas at affordable prices. 

Once we have listened closely to what it is that you require, we will create a garden area that will bring immense and continued enjoyment and pleasure. Once we have prepared the space, we then lay a breathable membrane and cover it with an aggregate of your choice, from bark to stone. Speak to us today to discuss how we can work with you in creating your stunning low maintenance garden space.

Garden Wall Repairs

The beautiful yet unpredictable British climate mean that garden walls can often need some attention to deal with damage and weakness. This could mean replacing sections within the existing wall, or even the construction of a brand new wall. 

Marvan’s have the best in skilled and qualified workers who are able to handle any garden wall job to the very best of standards and to your total satisfaction. 

We will advise you on the best course of action and ensure you are fully satisfied with the work that needs carrying out. Speak to us today to discuss how we can help you with your garden walls.

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