Grounds Maintenance

We have extensive knowledge and experience across a range of industry sectors including utilities, rail and highways, places of education, historic properties, social housing, healthcare and sports & leisure spaces. We are one of the finest and most efficient grounds maintenance contractors within the South East of England, operating throughout East Anglia and London. We offer a varied array of services across many sectors, assisting clients with the management of their grounds and of course the all important health and safety aspects of ensuring they are well maintained. We pride ourselves on the the aesthetics of the premises and spaces being maintained by our teams. Our professional qualified staff will ensure that your contract with us is delivered to the programme of works required and to budget. Our in-depth involvement with all of these sectors ensures that we understand the needs and constraints required and we offer bespoke solutions for each individual client.

Grass cutting

Here at Marvan’s we offer a professional and reliable commercial grass cutting service, at competitive and affordable prices, understanding the pressures of budgets many commercial clients are facing. Using a variety of push mowers, ride-on mowers, scarifiers, aerators and rollers, we will provide top quality standards throughout our grass management service. 

These services include school fields and pitches, understanding how important it is for schools and local authorities to maintain the highest standards. Our years of experience mean we can help with any number of grass cutting services, from maintaining a fine kept cricket wicket, to looking after your local park or football pitch. We can assure you that all areas are maintained to the highest standard, offering a service you will not be disappointed with.


As many of us are so aware of living in the UK, grass grows rapidly, especially in those hard to reach places. At Marvan’s we provide a first-class trimming service to tackle those difficult to reach places that are causing verges and public areas to look untidy. 

We fully recognise that well maintained public areas or commercial properties are vitally important, helping not only with aesthetics, but customer satisfaction. Whether it is vegetation growing up sign posts, on steep verges, around buildings, or on field surrounds and ditches, our maintenance team work effectively by doing the work promptly but as safely as possible. 

Line Marking

With our team of skilled workers, we are able to offer a variety of services for your line marking needs. Marvan’s are fully committed to customer satisfaction, and we are confident you will not be disappointed with the service we offer. Whether it is creating a nice crisp edge around your sport’s field, running track, or cricket square, we do it all to the best of standards.

Weed Killing

Weeds will always grow where they are not wanted, but here at Marvan’s, we have all the expertise needed to eradicate and maintain those areas you want to stay weed-free. Using specific weed killers to suit the area, we can kill weeds for a lot longer than what is possible with standard shop bought weed killers. 

Keeping a well-maintained property and commercial area is important to the ongoing success of your business, so our weed killing and clearing service are ideal for your desire for well-maintained areas. So whether it is around your office, car park, or commercial property, we will deliver the best results, always at competitive prices. Speak to us today to find out more.

Turf Management

Having a high quality and well-maintained turf is crucially important, and with our NPTC team, using the best techniques and right treatments, we can create the perfect playing surface. Marvan’s will treat the turf throughout the year, ensuring its ongoing health and keeping it well maintained, that in turn offers high quality all year round. 

Our turf management delivers excellence for you, as well as taking away the stress of this job from you, resulting in complete satisfaction for you and the end-users. If you would like us to help create lush green swards of grass specifically for you, then get in touch today to discuss how we can work together.

Litter Picking and Leaf Clearance

A quick way to put people off from your property or business is an untidy and unkept outside space. Yet with the changeable weather, growing population and thus litter potential, and the challenges on your own time and budget, keeping those areas clean can be a real challenge. 

Marvan’s understand these pressures and the necessity of keeping on top of litter and leaf debris and rubbish. We offer an outstanding service all year round to ensure your total satisfaction at a fantastic price. Speak to us today to discuss how we can support you in your ongoing desire for business excellence.

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